Every teacher has been a student first but how is it that teachers do not understand actually what the student wants? There is a generation gap between the teachers and the students, and the education system has been coming up with more complex subjects and methods and sometimes with easy ones too, however, before any modification isn’t is necessary to consult the students as well? The services that consist of homework helpers insist the educational institutes include students in their decision making as well. FIRSTBENCHER.COM gets the notion that basically, a student wants to study the subject he/she desires and not just what makes him/her look good on the college application. There are certain expectations of the student from the teacher, which a teacher should be aware of. Some the expectations are as follow:

  • The first thing a student wants that the teacher should make the class interesting and fun which he does not dread to attend. If the topics to be taught are boring then the teacher should come up with certain games and maybe role-plays to make it sound exciting to learn and experience. The student is supposed to learn but it should be the duty of the teacher to make the task of learning easier.
  • The teacher should be passionate about his/her job. If the teacher is not enthusiastic about his/her teachings, the student senses that very quickly. The disinterest in the part of the teacher will compel the student to lose interest as well.
  • The main motive behind the teaching should be the teachers to help the student learn. This may require patience and repetitive lectures regarding the subject but he/she should not quit unless the learning task is complete.
  • Teachers are not God, they are capable of mistakes and when he makes one, he should not make a fuss about it, accept it gracefully, rectify it and move further. Students relate better to the teacher who are able to admit their mistakes and correct it.
  • Instead of simply lecturing, teachers should be able to adopt methods of story-telling and exciting tales concerning the topic. Lectures only seem to drift the students away from the actual lessons.
  • Respect is a two-way street and a teacher should earn respect from the students and not simply demand it. The teacher should refrain from insulting the students. Respect the students and you will get respect in return.
  • The teacher should not divert from his/her plan and duty of completing the course and focus on his/her teachings.
  • The teacher should be a challenger, who motivates the students to complete the assigned task or project.
  • Do not play favorite with the students, every student wants to be noticed and appreciated for his/her knowledge and work.
  • The teacher should be an effective and efficient class manager. Only treating one student nicely and ignoring the others does not add a good aspect to the teacher.

Every educational institute should have a positive impact on a student’s life because it is their preparation camp before entering the real world. The teacher should not load the students with homework to ease of his/her burden. In case the load is too much, students look for the reliable source of help from various sites who provide homework help services such as accounting homework help services and also hire professional essay writers to grab good grades in the essays.
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