Normally when you see a student enter the class, he moves past the first bench without even giving it a glance. Why is that? What is so scary about seating in the first bench? Services such as college homework help believe that it is a way of conveying the message that they are much more than mere book worms. FIRSTBENCHER.COM wishes to enlighten seekers of the question of what has created a gap between the first bench and the student.

  • When a student is in the seat of the first bench, the only view he is entitled to is that of the teacher and the board, which seems to let the class last longer than it is supposed to.
  • The first benchers are the geeky group of the class, who are considered to be boring and honestly they are not invited to the cool parties and trips.
  • When you come to the class with mischievous intentions then the first bench never forms the part of the plan.
  • The last benchers do not receive much focus and are out of the monitoring zone of the teacher. They can sleep or just fool around and if there is a back door to the class, they can escape after the attendance.
  • If you are one of those students who always fail to do their homework and are not very fond of the idea of taking down notes then the last bench is your area.
  • The first bench students are treated like minions of the teacher; they are asked to collect the notes, erase the blackboard, announce notices and often asked to carry the stuff for her.
  • The first benchers ought to be attentive all the time and if they are not they get in trouble such as detention.
  • The last benchers have the best view of the class; they can draw peculiar pictures of the teachers, the geeky students and even pass around funny notes.
  • The teachers generally know the care-free attitude of the last benchers and avoid asking questions from them because that would only put a dent in their duty of completing the course on time.

The most basic reason of avoiding the first bench is that students do not want to come across as a dork to their friends and classmates. The true experience of the class is enjoyed by the last benchers because they remember the class not just for the studies but also for the pranks and fun they did. The irony is last benchers achieve better in life than the first benchers because the easy way to get things done which involves entertainment as well. The students look for reliable sources of accounting homework help services that can help them with their complex homework and also search for professional essay writers to make their essay come across as insightful. The best of the class is enjoyed by the last benchers because they will be leaving the institution with memories and knowledge.
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