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A thesis is the research write-up that a student has to write on termination of his/her doctorate or masters degree. The thesis is neither a topic nor a fact it is an opinion. Also, a thesis is never a question; readers of academic writing expect to have discussed the question and answered. But the question is not an argument, without argument a thesis is incomplete. The thesis should be as clear and specific as possible. Many institutes will have specific regulations governing the format of writing including the formatting and word limit. Below are the sections that provide specific advice and tips on writing the thesis:

  1. GETTING STARTED- Analyse the thesis to gain information on its style, format, and structure.
  2. WRITING THESIS- Write down the outline of literature review, methodology, early drafts of other chapters.
  3. STRUCTURING OF THESIS- Start organizing the material that one has already written
  4. KNOWING WHEN IT IS FINISHED- Plan to finish the thesis before the doctoral period ends as there will always be more research that one could do.

The research project succeeds in researching the project in a different way like it has done never before has the opportunity of being included in the educational journal.
Pupil fails to choose the right topic for themselves in order to support their thesis with adequate research and facts and ensure that the paper is in incorrect format. Writing thesis is not an easy task, with the due dates given after months it seems like least time for the pupil. They face the problem with the thesis statement, supporting the thesis with the facts and evidence and with the revision of the thesis statement. Pupil fails to spend quality in preparing the outline and the next step of filling it with enough of data required to support their statement.
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